My Favorite Brushes


Hi Loves! This is my first post on Raia’s World. I’m super excited to start blogging! The first topic is brushes. I honestly feel that once I started using brushes to apply my makeup it started to look a lot better! I don’t want you to get so caught up on brands…although I will be sharing my favorite brands, it’s the type of brush that is really important.

Eye Brushes


 No matter what product I use to fill in my brows I always use a spooly to blend the product out. You can get this from anywhere!! The one I’m currently using is a two-sided #12 Anastasia Beverly Hills brow brush. The other end is a small angled brush that I use to fill in my brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow. The last brush I use for my brows is a EB 23 Sedona Lace brush. I use this bigger angled brush to clean around my brows with concealer.

To pack on color to the lid I use small eyeshadow brushes. My favorites are the MAC 213 brush which picks up shimmer colors very well and a crown brush I got from IMATS LA. It has no number but I think it was only $3.

The next eye brush are crease brushes that I use to apply a transition color between the brow and lid. My transition color is usually a flesh tone color to defuse harsh lines. My all time favorite crease brush is the EB 09 brush from Sedona Lace. It picks up color well and is a dream for blending. My next go to crease brush is the Real Techniques duo-fiber eye brush.


The next crease brushes I use are to place colors in my outer v area and deepen my crease color. Both of these brushes are good because they come to a point but are still fluffy enough to blend into your lid color. The two I reach for the most are the Sedona Lace EB15 (can you see a theme here lol) and a crown brush I got from IMATS LA.

The last eye brush I use is from BH Cosmetics (got in a set). It is a flat definer brush that I use to put color on my lower lash line. I am really into smoking out my lash line, whether it’s with a pop of color or just smoking out my eyeliner. This brush works great.

Face Brushes 


To apply foundation I use a Beauty Blender most of the time, but when I use a brush I go for the Real Techniques expert face brush because its small but dense so it blends product well and also gets into small areas. The other brush is the FB07 Sedona Lace brush which is a flat top. This is a great brush for a full coverage look.

To set my under eye highlight I use a e.l.f. blush brush. It’s fluffy and pointed so it fits nicely under the eye.

To apply my cream contour I use a BH Cosmetics concealer brush (from set). It’s the perfects size to carve out your cheeks. To add a powder on top of my cream contour and blend, I use the Real Techniques duo-fiber contour brush. Perfect shape, blends well, and doesn’t pick up to much product.


To set the rest of my foundation I am obsessed with the Real Techniques powder brush! I love it!!! I also use this brush when I’m only using powder as a foundation. For blush I always reach for the Sedona Lace FB05 brush. It’s the perfect size for the apples of my cheeks. To add a highlight to the high points of my cheeks I love a fan brush. The one that works best for me is a Sonia Kashuk brush( from set).

Whew! I know this post was long, but I did want to go into a little detail about why I like these brushes. If you have any questions just comment below!

Yay first post is done!!! Thanks for reading 🙂 Muah!

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