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Hey Loves! This post will be about how I fill in my brows. Brows frame the face and I truly think they can make or break a look! I am new to the camera I’m using (Thanks Mommy <3) so please bear with me with the pictures. They will surely get better!


The products I use are:


The first thing I do is brush my brows UP with a spooly. This will help get your hairs in place so you can see where they need to be filled in.


Next I outline the natural shape of my brow with M.A.C eyebrow pencil. I use short strokes so I don’t get  a harsh line. I also extend the tail of my eyebrow with the pencil.


With the dipbrow and #12 brush I fill in between the outline I created. I concentrate most of the product by the arch and tail of my brow. I do not touch the front of my brow with the product. The dipbrow can go on heavy if your not careful, so I pick up the product with my brush then wipe off excess product in the cap.


To make sure the product is evenly distributed I run the spooly through my brows. I then push the hairs at the front of the brow forward towards my nose to get product in this area. This gives the front of my brows the most natural appearance.


To clean up my brows and correct any mistakes I use a concealer that is the same color as my skin tone. If you want a natural highlight use a lighter concealer on the bottom. However I always suggest using a concealer that is the same color as your skin tone, or your foundation, to clean the top of your brows to avoid the halo look.


This step is important! You want to use your FINGERS to blend out your concealer. Your finger warms up the concealer making it easier to blend out.


The last step is to set the brow hairs with the tinted gel. I use tinted gel because it will cover any areas I missed.

That’s it loves! It you have any questions just comment below. Thanks for reading! 🙂 Muah!

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