All About Eyeliner!!


Hi Loves! Today we are going to talk about eyeliner!! This was a very hard topic to cover without doing a video so I hope the pictorials do this topic justice. I will cover gel, liquid, and pencil liner, my favorite eyeliners and also the technique I use to apply. PSA: excuse my brows in these pictures lol I did not fill them in so they are looking a little ratchet. My apologies in advance. 


The liner I reach for the most is the Maybelline New York Eyestudio gel liner in Blackest Black. I LOVE this liner because its super black and the finish is matte! For this to be a drug store product, the quality is amazing! Another gel liner that I hear a lot of good things about is Inglot’s gel liner in #77. This is slightly more than the Maybelline but I hear it’s great. To apply the gel liner I switch between this BH Cosmetics eyeliner brush I got in a set and the Real Techniques eyeliner brush. They both work really well and I feel I have a lot of control when applying liner with them. For liquid liner I like the WetnWild H2O Proof liquid eyeliner. This liner will not go anywhere once you apply it! I also like that the brush on the applicator is short, which makes it easier to control. As far as liquid liner, the drug store has some of the best! NYC, e.l.f., Milani…all these brands have great, inexpensive liquid liners. Last is pencil, which is the type of eyeliner I use the least. My all time favorite is the Milani Liquid Eye because it’s an eyeliner pencil that is liquid like. It’s very easy to apply and most importantly for me, easy to smudge. You’ll see what I mean by this later on.


When I apply my eyeliner I ALWAYS use a small hand mirror. To get the best view of my lash line I like to tilt my head back slightly and hold the mirror a little above eye level. Weather I’m doing liquid liner or gel liner I hold the brush or applicator like a pencil as shown above. This gives you the best control of the applicator. When you go to actually start lining your eye, rest your pinky on your face to ensure your hand is steady.

Gel Liner

If I use gel liner, 9 times out of 10 I am going for a winged look. For me gel liner is the easiest to work with when doing a wing liner. I feel like I have the most control of the shape because I can really control the amount of product I have on my brush. I swirl my brush in the gel liner and then wipe off excess product on the side. I start by making a “tick” mark. For placement I aim for the tail of my brow (because my brow is not filled in my tail is not as long as it will usually be). Once I have that “tick mark” I connect the top of the “tick mark” to the base of my lash line in a straight line. You should have a little triangle after this. I then create a line from the base of the triangle toward the inner corner of my eye. I then go back and fill in the triangle.


Finally I take the remaining product on the brush and draw the rest of the line toward my inner corner. You want the least amount of product on your brush when you do this because you don’t want liner to bleed onto your lower lash line and you also don’t want the line to be too thick.

Liquid Liner

I usually wear liquid liner when I am NOT making a wing. It is much quicker for me to use liquid liner to simply line the eye. For this I start in the middle of my eye because this is when I will have the most product. I then extend that line to the outer corner of my eye. Lastly I work from the inner corner out. Once I have the line, I will dip the applicator back into the product and wipe off as much as I can and go over the whole line starting from the inner corner to make sure it’s as straight as possible.


Lastly is pencil eyeliner. I only use pencil liner on my lower lash line. To apply I tug slightly under my eye so I have full view of my water line. Once I add the pencil it will look like the top picture. I don’t like to leave it here because it doesn’t look very flattering. It can come off making you look tired in pictures. So to get around this I ALWAYS smoke out my lower lash line. You can either smoke it out with a dark brown eyeshadow, the darkest color you used in your crease or a pop of color eyeshadow (blue purple etc.). What ever you choose place the eyeshadow on a small precision brush and rub it along your lash line making sure to get into the eyeliner. This is a good habit to get into because it will stop your eye liner from running. It also makes mascara on the lower lash pop!

That’s it loves! I hope this post was informative. If you have any questions please feel free to leave them below in the comment sections. You can also leave any request for future post! Thanks for reading xoxo

2 thoughts on “All About Eyeliner!!

  1. I didn’t know so much went into applying eyeliner. I guess I have been so basic all these years lol. I would like to see a blog on contouring of your foundation. Bianca says that I should get a pallatte but I have no idea what to do with it.

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