My Highlight & Contour Routine


Hi Loves! Today we are going to talk highlighting and contouring! I want you to keep in mind that I named this post MY highlight and contour routine because we all have different face shapes, so your highlighting/contouring will be different from mine. However I will give some tips and tricks for different face shapes! Before we jump right in lets go over a little background.

You want to highlight and contour AFTER you’ve applied your foundation. Sometimes people confuse color correcting under the eye with highlighting. You typically color correct BEFORE you apply your foundation. For my WOC, peach color concealers will be the best thing to use for color correcting hyper-pigmentation (dark spots). If your darker than me you want to go for a darker peach/orange corrector. If your lighter then me you want to go for a lighter peach concealer. For my fair women you want to use green to color correct red blemishes on your skin. This is not a post on color correcting so lets move on lol


The picture on the left is my bare face. As you can see the light naturally hits my T-Zone area: my forehead, bridge of nose, high points of cheeks and chin. You can also see that the perimeter of my face  is darker and there is a slight shadow under my cheek bones. The picture on the right is after I applied foundation (and brows) and I lose all those features, my face is now all one color and seems one dimensional. We want to highlight/contour to bring dimension back to our face, and enhance some features that we may not have!



PSA: My hands are RIDICULOUSLY ashy! I washed my beauty blender and didn’t put lotion on after. Don’t mind them lol 

Highlighting is great to brighten the face. You want to highlight with a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than you. We want to hit areas that the light naturally hits on your face. For me I always highlight under my eyes because this truly brightens up your entire face. If you have a wide face, you don’t want to take your highlight all the way back towards the top of your ears, that will make it look wider. If you want the allusion of a slimmer nose you want to highlight the bridge of your nose. Make sure the line is straight, if not your nose will appear crooked. If you have a long chin you want to do minimal highlighting on your chin because it will draw the eye directly there. So again where you highlight will be based on your face. Keep in mind where you highlight is where the light will hit and where the eye will be drawn too.

After I apply my highlight concealer where I want it, I blend it out with a beauty blender. I then take the brush I used to apply my foundation, with no extra product on it, and blend some more to make sure the lines aren’t to harsh. After this I apply a loose setting powder to my highlighted areas to make sure they don’t crease throughout the day. You can let this powder sit on your face or “cook” for a few minutes to get a more intense highlight. If you choose to let it cook or not make sure to brush your setting powder off very well with a powder brush.



Contouring is great for sculpting the face. You want to contour with a powder or cream that is one to two shades darker than you. If you want the appearance of cheek bones, suck in your cheeks and that is exactly where you want to contour, just make sure not to bring it all the way to your mouth or it will look like your ALWAYS making the duck lip face. If you want to slim your forehead, contour around your hairline. You can make your nose slimmer or wider depending on where you put your contour lines. To make is slimmer you want your contour lines closer together, so towards the top of your nose and not the sides. If you have a round face and want to give the allusion of a jaw line your want to contour under your chin and along your “jaw line” and down your neck. I contour my cupids bow to make it appear deeper and I also contour under my lip to separate my chin from my bottom lip. In the above pictures I used a dark concealer to contour. I only cream contour when I’m going for full on glam. On the everyday basis I just use a dark powder, but I contour the same exact areas as shown.


Once I place my cream contour I blend it out with my beauty blender. I then set my contour with a dark powder. Again, if you don’t want to cream contour you can just use this dark powder to contour your face. I go in circular motions when setting my contour to make sure everything is blended nicely. When you contour your cheeks, you want to make sure you don’t go too far down, if you do it will make your face look droopy. To fix a contour that is too far down, or if you just want to make your contour stand out, take a light powder and press it right under your cheek contour. I used the same powder I set my highlight with, but you can also use your face powder. After this I make sure to buff away that powder with a powder brush.


Once I am done I go over my entire face with my setting powder and a fluffy brush just to make sure everything is blended. As you can see highlighting/contouring is really based on personal preference. On the everyday basis I personally highlight just to brighten my face up and only contour to make my forehead appear smaller.  When I want full glam I will snatch my nose to make it appear a little slimmer and really contour my cheeks to give the appearance of cheekbones. But you truly have to work with YOUR face to see what works best.


This was the final product after I added eyes, blush, and lips. I took this picture in front of my balcony door. This truly shows how the light will hit those areas you highlighted! If you guys have questions please leave them below! I did not get highlighting/contouring overnight so make sure you practice practice practice! Thanks for reading. xoxo

7 thoughts on “My Highlight & Contour Routine

  1. Hiya, apologies for this message SO LATE after it was posted. I curious about your contour. You look like your the same shade as me. Mac NC45, C6, Makeup Forever HD Praline. What’s the brand of cream contour and contour powder. TIA


    • Hi!! I haven’t used Makeup Forever foundation in a while but when I did I was using color 177. In MAC studio fixed fluid, which I also don’t wear often, I am NC50. I just recently started cream contouring with MAC Studio Fix perfecting stick in NW050. I blend it out with a MAC 130 brush. I then set my contour with MAC Refined Golden.


  2. Hello, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts as they are really interesting and think you would be great for this award, I’ve nominated you for the liebster award! Go check out my last post and you’ll see what you have got to do, the rules are simple! Hope you do it! Will look forward to reading your answers xox

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