Foundation Primers!


Hi Loves!! Today we are going to talk about foundation primers. I believe primers are very important to your foundation routine. I will tell you about the importance of primers and also some of the primers I use. So lets get started 🙂

What is a Primer?

The Sephora website says Applying face primer smoothes texture, boosts coverage and helps products wear better and last longer. Primers provide a nice clean canvas for your foundation to stick too. The key to primers however is to find one that addresses YOUR skin needs. If you have dry skin you want a primer that is hydrating. If you have a lot of redness to the skin you want a primer that will neutralize the color in your face. The primers I use focus on my specific needs: oily skin and large pores. I want you to keep in mind that your primer should not replace your moisturizer. You still want to moisturizer your face as you normally would and then you want to apply your primer. For my oily girls, never skip moisturizer!!! If you do your face will OVERLY produce oil to try and compensate for the missing oils in your skin. So make sure you find an oil-free moisturizer that works well for you. Now lets get into some of the primers I’ve used.


The first “primer” I used was Philips Milk of Magnesia. I know I know it seems weird haha. But when I first started wearing makeup I NEVER wore a primer and I would look like I lathered my face in chicken grease by the time the night was over. So I did a quick YouTube search on cheap primers to use for oily skin. Many YouTube gurus said Milk of Magnesia would solve my problems, and I must admit they did! I place this primer on my skin with a flat synthetic foundation brush. You only need a little bit to coat your face. The Milk of Magnesia will leave a white film on your face, but It will be covered by your foundation once you apply it. This truly does help me control my oils, which is my main use for a primer. Now I have personally never broke out from using this on my face but I have heard of people having a bad reaction to this. I would not suggest buying a generic brand if you do choose to try this. Also make sure you shake this very well before you use it. Lastly, make sure it’s completely dry before applying this to your face. I don’t use this very often any more but this was my go to primer for a while.


Controlling my oils was only one problem area for my skin. I also had large pores on my nose that my foundation would settle into, making them more noticeable. So after much research Benefit The POREfessional was clearly the industry favorite. This primer is GREAT at filling in pores and fine lines! The key to this primer is to PAT it into the skin and not rub. Patting it into the skin will really allow the product to FILL the pores and fine lines leaving a nice smooth canvas to work with. As much as I love this primer, it only works for my pores it does not control my oils well. I usually like to use this when I am only doing powder foundation. If I want to wear this under a liquid foundation I combine this primer with…


No7 Beautifully Matte Make Up Base. This primer will keep you MATTE!!!! It works very very well with the POREfessional. Most pore filling primers are silicon based. This primer is more creamy in texture. When I use this I first apply the POREfessional to my nose and then I apply this primer to the rest of my T-Zone. Again this is a cream so I rub it in but not too much because it will start to flake so be very careful and work in small sections. I’ve only found No7 at Target and Ulta.


Smashbox has a variety of great primers. Their primers come in color correcting, blemish control, hydrating, you name it they got it! They one I picked up was the Pore Minimizing primer. Now whats great about the Smashbox primers are they all control oil very well. When I use this I do not have to cocktail it with the No7 Beautifully Matte. I also like to pat this primer into my skin and I apply it to my nose as well as the rest of my T-Zone area.


This is the newest primer I added to my collection. IN LOVE! I carry blotting papers with my faithfully, but since I’ve been using this primer I have not had to use them. The key to this primer is to warm it up in between your fingers before applying it to your face. This will ensure that the primer goes on smoothly. This primer is on the expensive side but a little goes a long way.


The last primer I want to talk about is the Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Bronzing Beauty Balm (Goodness that name is long). I like to use this primer right at the beginning of summer when I am still a little pale but I want a nice bronze glow. This primmer controls my oil, smooths the skin, but also has the added bronzing effect. I usually mix this primmer with my foundation and then apply my foundation with a flat top foundation brush. It really does come out beautiful and the glow looks very natural.

These are all the primers I have personally used. Most of them are on the expensive side, but a lot of them come in a travel size for half the price! There are also many drug store primers that I hear great things about. NYX has a variety of primers that address many skin needs. Maybelline Baby Skin is a pore eraser that I hear great things about. So if you don’t want to dish out all the money for the expensive primers try some of the drug store brands.

Hope this post helped! If you have any questions leave them below. xoxo

2 thoughts on “Foundation Primers!

  1. I found out about using Milk of Magnesia on You tube awhile ago. I live by it! That is the only primer that keeps my face shine free for a long period of time. I would like to add that Loreal has a good primer. I’m very oily so I use it even when I don’t wear make up to give my face a matte look.

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