All About the GLOW: Highlighters


Hi Loves!!! I know it’s been a while since my last post ūüė¶ Work has been real and I did a little bit of traveling (Nola was AMAZING). But now I’m back with a quick post about Highlighters! Strobing is definitely trending now in makeup and everyone wants their highlight on FLEEK! So I will swatch some highlighters I have and give you some of my thoughts!


*Pictures are with and without flash*

Becca Topaz

Topaz is BEAUTIFUL on WOC! This highlight is gold and very pigmented! Becca’s formula is one of the best, it’s very smooth and fine to the touch and literally feels like silk. I like to apply this highlight with a fan brush. It is on the pricey side but the color is SO worth it!

MAC Global Glow

Global Glow is also a beautiful highlight for WOC but I also think it looks good on fair women. This highlight is more white gold in color. The one thing I do not like about this powder is how chalky it feels. For the price I think the formula should be better. To apply this I like to use the e.l.f. duo fiber small stipple brush.


e.l.f. Sun Kissed 

This is the first highlighter I got. I must say for $1 I was impressed. I will admit its super chalky so you have to be careful when you apply it. But I love the color because it’s a natural glow.

e.l.f. Turks Caicos 

This highlight color is apart of a contouring blush and bronzer pallet. The reason I included this is because when I want a flush look to my cheeks, this looks very nice. Its a soft pink when applied heavy but if applied with the e.l.f. small stipple brush, it gives a nice pink glow. Again the consistency is the only thing I don’t like but for $3 I am satisfied.

Missy Lynn Pallet 

If you do not have this pallet from bhcosmetics GO GET IT NOW!!! The baked highlighters (bottom two colors in pallet) are EVERYTHING!!! These highlighters are so silky to the touch, and the pigmentation is bomb! The first color is more of a pink/rose gold color and this is by far my favorite highlight!!! The next color is more of a true gold highlight. Both of these colors will have you GLOWING because it reflects light SO well.¬†For my fair women, the top left eyeshadow is a nice vanilla color that can be used to tone down these highlights so they won’t come off so dark on your skin. A fan brush works best to apply these colors.

Golden Soleil Cancun Golden Tan

I know this color has been popping up a lot on my blog but I truly do love it. I randomly picked this up from Ulta when I was buying makeup for my birthday and for the price I am very impressed. This color is more copper than gold to me. I think it looks best when you skip blush and apply this as a blush/highlight.

That’s all loves! If you would like to see anything else on the blog or have questions please let me know below! xoxo

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