Review: Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

Ultra HD

Hi Loves!!!!! I know it has been a while since my last post! To be honest…I haven’t been wearing makeup in the past couple of weeks. However FALL is around the corner and I’m super excited to start wearing some Fall looks! But today I will finally be doing my review on the new MUF Ultra HD Foundation! I was a big fan of the MUF HD Foundation and was a little sad when they said it would be discontinued. There was about six months straight were I only wore the HD Foundation! I considered it a holy grail. So of course I had to try out the Ultra HD to see if I would be in love! So let’s get into the review!


If you are familiar with the HD Foundation the packaging of the Ultra HD Foundation is no different besides the silver ring under the top. This foundation comes in a plastic 1 fl. oz. bottle with a pump. It’s great for travel because the bottle is plastic and the top snaps on.

Sigma Brush

Color Payoff/Coverage 

The Ultra HD has 40 different colors to choose from, that alone is amazing! In the HD Foundation I am the color 177 Cognac. When I picked up the sample of the Ultra HD Foundation I thought it would be best to stick with this color, so I grabbed 177 which is now called Y505 but the color is still Cognac. I believe the Y means it has a yellow undertone and matching the colors side by side the Ultra HD is a tad more yellow. The Ultra HD honestly matches my skin perfectly! It has just enough yellow in it but it is not overboard. I did not color correct before putting this product on and it did a wonderful job at smoothing out my skin and covering up hyper pigmentation. I would say the coverage is better than the HD Foundation. The Ultra HD really covers up any flaws in the skin. The coverage is medium but you can build it up to full without it looking caked on.

Full Face


The first time I wore this foundation I applied with my beauty blender…..hated it!!!! It came out blotchy and didn’t seem to blend well at all. In the pictures above I applied using the flat top FB 07 Sedona Lace foundation brush. It spread the product evenly, and was a lot easier to buff into the skin. I wet my brush with a little Fix+ and then pumped the product on the back of my hand. You may have to play around with application to see what works best for you, but the brush hands down gave a flawless application.


The Ultra HD Foundation is an interesting formula. It’s a liquid consistency, but has a very satin feel. It’s not as runny as the MAC Fix Fluid but also not as thick as a Kat Von D foundation. I will say the foundation dries quickly, and that is why I wet my brush when applying. It makes it a lot easier to spread and buff in.

Beauty Blender


The above pictures are from the first time I wore the Ultra HD Foundation. I applied with a beauty blender and set my face with MUF Pro Finish powder. I would say the finish is satin. I used the Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector which makes my skin super matte, and the finish looks skin like. If your a dry girl I think this foundation would be great for your skin type because it won’t cling to dry patches. My oily girls, I would suggest always priming with this foundation and setting with a powder. Otherwise that satin finish can turn into an oily mess.



This foundation is built to last! This picture was taken about 6 hours after applying (and lashes were off lol) and it looked pretty much the same. I did not blot all night or apply anymore powder. I also did not experience a lot of color transfer. The foundation did not get on my phone or my clothes.

Final Verdict 

Do I like this foundation, yes! I think it’s a solid foundation with amazing color selection, coverage, and I love the finish. The only issue I have with this foundation is how it photographs. All the pictures I have with the berry top on, are in front of one umbrella light using flash. It photographs well. However the pictures where I have on the black top were taken in front of two umbrella lights with no flash and with flash. The picture with flash is horrible! It has SO much bounce back light. Now this may be because of the powder I used (I used the MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in berry top).  Regardless I was very turned off by the flash back I got when I first used the foundation. So I would say in everyday use, it would be a good foundation, but I would think twice about wearing it to a wedding, event, etc. where your picture may be taken because you could end up looking washed out. I know this foundation is geared toward TV and Film so the average camera may not do it justice. However for the everyday girl, we want to look flawless in our Snapchats and this bounce back light will not work well at all!

I hope you enjoyed the review! Let me know if you tried the foundation in the comments. Expect a post on Fall lippies early next week! xoxo

3 thoughts on “Review: Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

  1. I thought I was the only one noticing. I just bought the stick ultra hd and in person and in pics with good lighting but no flash it’s lovely. Smooth and looks like skin! But with flash I look like damn fool smh. And like you said we just tryna be cute for snap. The snap front flash is life!

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