My Favorite BSS Lashes

image.jpegHey Loves! Super quick post about my favorite lashes from the Beauty Supply Store (BSS). I usually buy all of my lashes from the BSS because they are super cheap. None of them cost more than $4.

Ardell 120 Demi: My FAVORITE lash! It looks very natural when you wear them alone and they also look amazing with eyeshadow. You can get these pretty much anywhere, Walmart, CVS, Ulta etc.

Broadway #747XS or #747S: I have only seen these lashes at the BSS. They are always $1.99 and I love them! The Only difference between the XS and S is the band length if I’m not mistaken. These are the most natural lashes I wear.

Kiss Beyond Natural 03: I also have only seen these lashes at the BSS. They usually are no more than $2.99. Although they look strange in the box they are BEAUTIFUL on the eye! I love to wear these when I have a simple eye look but want a little glam!

If you have any questions leave them below! Thanks for reading!  xoxo

3 thoughts on “My Favorite BSS Lashes

  1. What is the best way to apply lashes & what kind of adhesive is best ? Also what is the best way to remove lashes without taking out all ur real lashes ?


    • Hi! I use Lashgrip dark adhesive. I like it because it gets tacky but doesn’t pull out your natural lash hairs. To apply the glue I put it on the lash box, let it sit for a minute and then run the lash band through the glue. This ensures I don’t get too much glue. I then use tweezers to apply the lashes while looking down into a mirror. So place the mirror down by your chin and look down, allows you to see your full lash line.

      If your worried about pulling your own lashes out, use a makeup wipe of baby wipe. The oil in them loosens the glue.

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