Valentine’s Day Series: Fun & Flirty


Hey loves, I’m back with another look for Valentine’s Day! This look is perfect for day time glam or a Valentine’s Day spent with the girls! Since I thought the look would be good for the day time, I tried to keep it simple. This was very quick to do so lets get started 🙂

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FOTD: Sweetest Day <3

First Pic

Hey Loves!! Today I wanted to share a quick FOTD that was inspired by Sweetest Day which is tomorrow! This easy look will be perfect for a date with your Sweetie! At the end you will see how this look can go from a day time look to a night time look with a few easy steps. Let’s get started!

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How I Clean my Brushes

Hi Loves! Long time no post. I haven’t been wearing too much makeup and I haven’t gotten many new products but hopefully that will all change in the next couple of weeks. Today we are going to talk about how I clean my brushes. It is SO important to clean your brushes regularly. You want to make sure you get rid of bacteria that builds up in your brushes. If you noticed that your skin is breaking out when you wear makeup, the first thing you should consider is if you have cleaned your brushes recently. So I will give you the run down on my brush cleaning routine.


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Review: Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

Ultra HD

Hi Loves!!!!! I know it has been a while since my last post! To be honest…I haven’t been wearing makeup in the past couple of weeks. However FALL is around the corner and I’m super excited to start wearing some Fall looks! But today I will finally be doing my review on the new MUF Ultra HD Foundation! I was a big fan of the MUF HD Foundation and was a little sad when they said it would be discontinued. There was about six months straight were I only wore the HD Foundation! I considered it a holy grail. So of course I had to try out the Ultra HD to see if I would be in love! So let’s get into the review!


If you are familiar with the HD Foundation the packaging of the Ultra HD Foundation is no different besides the silver ring under the top. This foundation comes in a plastic 1 fl. oz. bottle with a pump. It’s great for travel because the bottle is plastic and the top snaps on.

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Birthday Makeup Haul!


Hi Loves! As promised earlier this week, here is my birthday haul!! I know, I know….It looks like a lot of makeup! You only turn 25 once right 🙂 I hit all of my favorite makeup stores, and I also purchased somethings online. So lets get into the goodies I got!



Prep+Prime Fix+
Pro Longwear Concealer NC42
221 Mini Tapered Blending Brush
Stone Matte Lipstick
Candy Yum-Yum Lipglass
Brown Script Matte2 Eyeshadow
Red Brick Matte Eyeshadow

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“No Makeup” Makeup: Powder Foundation Routine


Hi Loves!!! Today I will show you my “No Makeup” makeup routine. This is my go to look when I’m in a rush. I don’t use foundation, only powder so it’s a pretty quick routine. Let’s get started! FYI: I am traveling for work so I did this look in my hotel room so I apologize for the bad lighting. 


Just a quick note, I usually do not prime my face when I’m only using powder. I like how the powder gets “dewy” as the day goes on. By all means use a primer if you see fit! As always I did my brows first. Since I’m traveling I tried to keep the makeup I brought with me to a minimum (It was SO hard!) so I filled my brows in with pencil only and then cleaned them up with concealer. The next step is to conceal any dark spots. I placed the concealer with a Real Techniques brow brush and then blend it out with a damp Beauty Blender. As you can see the Beauty Blender blends out concealer flawlessly. It truly is worth the investment.

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Processed with Moldiv

Hey Loves! This post will be about how I fill in my brows. Brows frame the face and I truly think they can make or break a look! I am new to the camera I’m using (Thanks Mommy <3) so please bear with me with the pictures. They will surely get better!


The products I use are:


The first thing I do is brush my brows UP with a spooly. This will help get your hairs in place so you can see where they need to be filled in.

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